The aim of IMPROVED is to develop core outcome sets for skin diseases and conditions that can be treated by pharmacologic as well as non-pharmacologic interventions, particularly procedures or surgery.   Each outcome set is a separate project and is based on the CSG-COUSIN roadmap, as well as methodologic guidance put forth by COMET.


Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common skin cancer, and in many Western countries, it is the most common cancer of any type. Current outcome measures for treatment of BCC focus on likelihood of recurrence.  However, for many patients, BCC is a chronic disease that is also associated with various other morbidities and costs.

A core outcome set for BCC would include a sufficiently broad set of outcomes to adequately assess this tumor in various clinical contexts.   Use of such a core outcome set may eventually clarify the relative costs and benefits of different treatment modalities.