The aim of IMPROVED is to develop core outcome sets for skin diseases and conditions that can be treated by pharmacologic as well as non-pharmacologic interventions, particularly procedures or surgery.   Each outcome set is a separate project and is based on the CSG-COUSIN roadmap, as well as methodologic guidance put forth by COMET.


Many randomized controlled trials in dermatology, plastic surgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, and other fields investigate interventions to improve the visible signs of aging, including both photoaging and chronological aging.  Interventions to address the appearance of aged skin and subcutis include surgery as well as minimally invasive techniques like injectables, lasers and energy devices.

While aging is not a disease, its physical manifestations constitute a treatable condition, for which a core outcome set can be developed.  Creation of this core outcome set is by an international, multidisciplinary team to ensure that the resulting set is applicable across specialties and for a range of potential interventions.