The aim of IMPROVED is to develop core outcome sets for skin diseases and conditions that can be treated by pharmacologic as well as non-pharmacologic interventions, particularly procedures or surgery.   Each outcome set is a separate project and is based on the CSG-COUSIN roadmap, as well as methodologic guidance put forth by COMET.


Cutaneous scars, particularly those caused by trauma and burns, can result in a range of morbidities including anatomic disfigurement, skin dysfunction, impaired range of motion, and psychosocial consequences.  Historically, treatment often entailed surgical repair.  More recently, minimally invasive treatments such as laser have been recommended as alternatives to scar excision.

Cutaneous scars are diverse, and have many causes and manifestations.  Studies of such scars have typically employed a diversity of outcome measures, with little uniformity, thereby frequently complicating direct comparison of alternative treatments for similar types of scars.  A core outcome set for treatment of scars may therefore be useful.  Given the heterogeneity of scars, individual investigators will likely continue to also use additional outcome measures relevant to the specific clinical circumstances.