The aim of IMPROVED is to develop core outcome sets for skin diseases and conditions that can be treated by pharmacologic as well as non-pharmacologic interventions, particularly procedures or surgery.   Each outcome set is a separate project and is based on the CSG-COUSIN roadmap, as well as methodologic guidance put forth by COMET.


Non-scarring hair loss is a common condition in men and women.  Androgenetic alopecia is associated with age and familial heritage in both sexes.  Alopecia areata can occur at any age.  Psychosocial impacts of non-scarring alopecias have been documented.  Treatment results in significant reimbursed and nonreimbursed costs.

While non-scarring alopecia is not a single disease or condition, many conditions subsumed within this category appear to have similar outcomes.  A core outcome set for non-scarring alopecias is not currently available.  Creation of such an outcome set may help improve diagnostic classifications and also tracking of outcomes after treatment.